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John Globetrotter is the blog of an expert traveler. I have my system to prepare for a trip so that I can get the most out of the time and money I spend in each place. Usually, this preparation process takes a few days of research, so that when I arrive, I know exactly where to go for sightseeing or fun and which place is the best to have a restful sleep in a convenient location. Rather than explaining this system of preparing my trips – which could take a while – I would like to give you the results, based not only on my preliminary research but also on my following experience on the ground that validated – or not – the information I had previously gathered.

On this website, the reader will be able to find useful information about each country and all the exciting destinations. I will provide you with a well-researched and contrasted list of best places to stay in each area, best places to eat or have a coffee, and of course, the most amazing things to do and information about where the fun is.

All the pictures are taken with my camera, and I do not like to use any filters. I want the places to appear in the photos the same way they look in-person, even if they are less beautiful or less impressive.


All the recommendations made on John Globetrotter are genuine. That said, some links earn a small commission for this website when you book through them.

Two things are important to note here, the first being that the commission is earned even if you book a different hotel or buy a different product than the one I recommend, as long as you got to it through a link provided on this website. This is important to say because, as mentioned before, entirely all the recommendations are genuine. If I recommend something, it is because it has the quality to deserve it and because there is no better option in our honest opinion.

Second is that the commission is charged directly to the service provider, not to you. By making your reservations using these links, you will still get the best price they offer.

John Globetrotter.

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